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Rose & Ribbons

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
William Shakespeare

Rose & Ribbons collection was created by porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf in cooperation with the famous Italian furniture factory Savio Firmino — a company that creates its designs easily and extraordinary skillfully by blending classical and contemporary trends. The fruit of this creative collaboration of two international brands is porcelain ware synonymous with conciseness and elegance. It was first presented to the public in April 2010 at I-Saloni, the largest exhibition of furniture and interior design in Milan. Porcelain items from the Rose & Ribbons collection won the European designers and architects’ attention and met customers’ acclamation. Savio Firmino artists based the decor on the company’s trademark ornament – rose flowers woven into a ribbon (rose and ribbons), which the factory uses regularly for furniture decoration. This ensured that the homonymous porcelain ware Rose & Ribbons immediately became recognizable and has acquired international distinction.

Rose & Ribbons - Czech porcelain

Honourable Czech porcelain distinguished by marvellous hardness, resistance to high temperatures and acids, low permeability, translucency, conchoidal fracture and clear bell note mixed with Italian elegance would bedeck even the most exquisite interior. Not every rose survives the winter, but Rose & Ribbons porcelain items executed in fine Italian style are timeless. Collection celebrates great success thanks to its graceful festivity. It enjoys great demand at weddings, as rose and ribbons pattern utterly complements the floral decorations of a wedding table. Porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf offers you the chance to buy tea, coffee ot table set. Whatever you choose, the Czech porcelain from the Rose & Ribbons collection will add a touch of nobility and finesse to any lunch or tea-drinking. Being the factory that always takes the client’s individual needs into account, we offer the Rose & Ribbons porcelain ware decorated at your desire with gold or platinum.


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