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Who said that porcelain ware should only be inspired by the archives of classical art? For those who are not scared to face the future and aim to be one step ahead of time, porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf has created an amazing futuristic collection Maria-Theresa. Its design is reinterpreting myth of the phantom reef Maria-Theresa, which supposedly existed in the South Pacific. Until the 2nd half of the 20th century some maps still showed it, even though all attempts to find it were unsuccessful. Jules Verne’s novels In Search of the Castaways and The Mysterious Island made it famous. While creating sketches for the collection our designers imagined underwater rocky ridges and their outlines. Later that concept was translated to the precious Czech porcelain and as a result the collection assumed its maritime character. These porcelain items burst upon the eye in completely different designs from Futurism to Art Deco. The first style is characterized by oblique shapes and their alternation, while the second one is distinguished by its bold geometrical solutions, modern design and chic look.

Maria Tereza

Some sets feature vibrant colours (green, blue, yellow), which give this series a fashionable summer appearance. We are convinced that summer hues would cheer you up on the long autumn or winter nights. Lovers of the classics would appreciate porcelain ware enhanced with gold and platinum. The Maria-Theresa collection includes a tea-set, coffee-set and other porcelain items.

If you want to buy Czech porcelain, but are not sure whether you need a full tea service, take a look at our mini tea-set Duo. This unique set consists of only 2 pieces – teapot and teacup with saucer and is a great example of ergonomics and functionality. Placed on the teacup, the teapot retains the warmth of the drink longer, which is extremely nice on a cold day.

Maria-Theresa porcelain ware was elaborated in order to make your tea-drinking a long and joyful experience. Utilitarian, yet aesthetically perfect. Today Maria-Theresa collection is deservedly one of the most successful and favourite series created by porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf, notorious for production of high-quality Czech porcelain.

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