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A gift can be anything if its produced by the porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kӓmpf

For years, porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kӓmpf was creating various porcelain gift series. And today we are pleased to offer a wide range of interesting porcelain products that would make a beautiful gift to give to your nearest and dearest. In Rudolf Kӓmpf’s gifts catalogues you will find crockery for everyday use, porcelain items for special occasions, as well as vases, lamps, statuettes and decorative accessories that would complement any office or library. Be thrilled with our versatile porcelain.

The most popular gift collections are those based on a character. Our customers praise the 007 series, inspired by James Bond, and the Swan Queen series, an ode to the beautiful bird.

007 collection

The 007 collection is designed for real men. Large sized cup allows him to drink his ideal amount of tea, while its comfortable wide handle is specially designed for male hands. Collection is completed with a metallic painted gun implying the decisive character of its owner. The 007 range is available in three designs: gilded with 24-carat gold, plated with sterling silver or titanium sprayed.

Swan Queen collection

Swan is a symbol of purity, chastity, nobility, courage and excellence. Swan features many legends and traditions and embodies wisdom and extraordinary magic power. The Celts, for example, deemed that swan deities are people’s benefactors and have a sunny disposition. In Czech Republic swans are greatly loved as well. Our artisans adopted the collection’s form from the Czech history of the 1920’s-1930’s. Swan Queen will enhance a table decoration or house interior. This unique porcelain item can be used as a candy bowl or a flower vase. Collection is available in five finishes: white or black glazed porcelain coupled with 24-carat glossy and matte gold or platinum.

Collection of interior lamps

The collection introduces a variety of interior lamps made with precious metals – gold and platinum. Upon request, the product can be personalized with the coats of arms, monograms and other signs. In our catalogue you will also find a wide range of matching vases and mantel clocks in order to create the interior in the same style. If you want to make a gift that stands out, we recommend the porcelain items with black décor and titanium spraying.

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