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Celt Collection

The Celt Collection was inspired by the history and mythology of the Celts – the ancient tribes who lived in the first millennium BC and occupied a part of Western Europe, including Bohemia (the historical name of Czech Republic). Since Rudolf Kämpf factory produces Czech porcelain, therefore the Celt series is derived from the culture of the Celtic tribe Boii who once lived in what is now the Czech Republic. Thus, it is a truly Bohemian porcelain not only by origin, but also by styling. Porcelain ware from the Celt collection boasts an understated and ergonomic design. At the same time all porcelain items are lavishly decorated with glossy platinum and gold. You will be impressed by the elegant gilded handles, which add intrinsic glamor to the collection and send us back to the Celts era when precious metals were particularly valuable and have been a benchmark. Refined porcelain sets reflect the Celtic spirit thanks to the special decoration. Reinterpreted Celtic motifs can be traced in many details and ornaments. 

Celt Collection - Bohemian porcelain

For example, some porcelain items showcase a special detail resembling the loop on the lid. It imitates the decoration worn by Celtic warriors on their helmets. Similar elements can be found on the other items from this series. Rich in mysteries Celtic culture turned out to have many admirers and the Celt collection quickly became the bestseller. Porcelain sets included in this range are now very popular and recognizable all over the world. The series features tableware, tea and coffee sets. Considering the incredible acclaim of the Celt collection porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf elaborated it in a variety of colors – from classic black and white to turquoise and pink Japanese allowing customers to choose the colour they like the most. The Celts have always surrounded themselves with charms that were supposed to bring abundance and prosperity. When designing the Celt collection our intention was to create porcelain ware that would not only be a sign of the hostess’s good taste, but also would become a symbol of prosperity and well-being of your home.

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