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Byzantine collection

The Byzantine Empire existed for over 10 centuries and became the heart of the magnificent civilization that was subsequently spreading across the East and partially the West. The Byzantine collection epitomizes the historical interweaving of Byzantine and Czech cultures. Since the cultural life of Great Moravia (an ancient state, which was located on the territory of a present-day Czech Republic) was heavily influenced by Byzantine, it is not surprising that Byzantine Emperor Michael III sent Cyril and Methodius to evangelize in the Slavic languages. Thus Byzantine, series of noble Czech porcelain, imprints the wonderful history of the great empire. As we know Byzantine art featured whimsical opulent patterns acquired from the Persians. That is why porcelains included in the Byzantine collection are burnished with ornaments (krinon, acanthus etc.) typically used as a decoration in ancient Byzantine churches. Its elegant lines and subtle patterns would fit perfectly into both classic and modern interior. This porcelain ware looks impressive at home as well as in the office. Especially if you have the taste for the best.

Byzantine collection

Porcelain ware from the Byzantine series is realised in six decorative variations different in colours (from rainbow to classical black and white) and ornament. All motifs are carefully applied by hand, which makes this set even more special. By the way, hand painting is one of the Rudolf Kämpf’s fundamental tenets. Unlike many factories that rely on automatic equipment, we strive to preserve hand craftsmanship that is the only guarantee of absolute uniqueness. Stylishly designed porcelain ware from the Byzantine collection symbolizes refinement and sophistication. Snow-white table-cloth, garden flowers in the vase, full set of cutlery and Byzantine set will create a truly festive atmosphere. You can buy a 6 person dinnerware set or choose from one of the tea-sets (for 6 or 2 persons). By buying the Byzantine service you will surround yourself not only with beautiful and high-end crockery, but with fabulous Byzantine history immortalized in Czech porcelain.

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