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Antique Medallions

Antique Medallions collection is Rudolf Kämpf’s signature and pride. If you would like to buy an elite porcelain set, then the unparalleled Antique Medallions range is what you are looking for. Hand painted and trimmed with 24-carat matte gold, this unique porcelain ware is issued in a limited series. Set pieces mesmerize with singularity and luxury and remind us of crockery used in palaces of the 17th -18th centuries. The collection was named Antique Medallions thanks to its classical character. The porcelain set will take you back in time to the baroque and rococo epoque (you might even hear the flute solo from musical pioneer Antonio Vivaldi’s concerto). To give the porcelain its antique look we apply ivory colour paint. The porcelain ware is embossed using special moulds, applying gold on the bisque and subsequent highlighting with black gilt. Originality of Ancient Medallions lies in its production technology. Each porcelain set is hand made and hand painted by skilled craftsmen. Only the best artists, who have completed an 8-year training and mastered specific secrets of decoration, paint Rudolf Kämpf porcelain ware.

Antique Medallions

The Antique Medallions collection is decorated with 24-carat gold and colours suitable solely for hand painting. Glaze coating is also brushed by hand. After adding individual decorative elements, porcelain ware is fired. All in all it undergoes 6 (!) firings. Production of one set of exclusive tableware is a laborious process, which takes craftsmen from 3 to 4 months. Therefore, we make only 4 sets per year. Astonishing bright stones, matte gold, prime enamel, extraordinary embossment make Antique Medallions collection Rudolf Kämpf’s most respected series. This porcelain set also comes exquisitely packaged in a hand-made American black walnut box with with mother-of-pearl inserts. Antique Medallions porcelain items guarantee that your table is radiant with luxury.

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