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Ancient Egypt

Everything has a history. This time porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf was inspired by the history of the Ancient World civilization that has left us a rich heritage from its 40 centuries of existence. If you want to touch the mysterious ancient Egypt, to be imbued with its spirit, porcelain items from the Ancient Egypt collection are what you need. It is derived from the shape and décor of ageless tableware used by ancient Egyptians. This porcelain ware carries timeless design. To commemorate the long gone civilization porcelain items feature one-of-a-kind relief detailing resembling “open papyrus”. This plant was growing on the boggy banks of the River Nile, thence it got its name, which in Egyptian means “gift of the Nile”. It was in Egypt where it was first used as a writing material. An interesting fact is that the hieroglyph for papyrus (and symbol for Lower Nile) depicted a few papyrus stems growing from soil. Combined with a cobra sign it meant “prosperity”.

Ancient Egypt

We sincerely believe that Ancient Egypt porcelain ware will bring financial well-being and prosperity to you home. As we know the royalty in ancient Egypt ate from silver tableware. Our craftsmen worked hard to imitate metal on the porcelain. As a result the Ancient Egypt collection from porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf offers various types of decoration. For example, one set is plated with 18-carat matte gold reminiscent of the original Egyptian metal utensils. Other porcelain ware displays refined 24-carat matte gold or silver lines. We have also used a decoration technique that employs a special matrix imitating precious stones to resemble the style of antique porcelain. Silver embellishment is an imaginative creative variation that blends ancient Egyptian history with state-of-art concepts in porcelain design.

Ancient Egypt by Rudolf Kämpf is a beautiful option for connoisseurs of luxury in a modern style. The collection invites you to buy tableware, tea-set and accessories.

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