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"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see"
Muhammad Ali™

Have you ever wanted to buy a tea-set with the character of the legendary sportsman? Exclusive Ali collection was created to honour the legend of sport and the great man, Muhammad Ali, within the World Sport Icons project. It’s implementation, production and release of porcelain ware was conducted under license agreement and resulted in two collections.

Collection is dedicated to Muhammad Ali™, one of the most successful boxers in history. Limited edition of 430 sets. Tea-sets are executed in black and white melding character traits of the outstanding champion – invincible will, determination, inner light. Glimpsing between 24-carat gold lines, boxing icon’s winged words “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” decorate the porcelain ware. It is widely known that Rudolf Kämpf produces china from Czech kaolin, recognised by world standards since 1924. Feel exclusive by enjoying tea out of the unique porcelain and reflect upon what worried the great Muhammad Ali™ : black and white, discipline and freedom, hard work and creativity.


Ali collection


Collection was created to celebrate the 70th birthday of Muhammad Ali™. Limited edition of 70 sets. Striking porcelain ware embodies the spirit of indisputable leadership. Red is the colour of winners. Ali used to say: “I am the greatest”. This phrase adorns the saucer rising from within the golden boxing ring ropes like a champions pedestal. The legend’s autograph, like a delicate stroke of a pen, is engraved inside the cups, finished with 24-carat gold. If you decide to buy a tea-set, be prepared to meet the prominent boxer. When you hold the porcelain ware in your hands, you will have the feeling that Muhammad Ali™ stands next to you, fist to fist, ready to climb into the ring…Or maybe you will get on. After all, the set consists of two cups – for rivals and friends.

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