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Rudolf Kämpf factory has been producing high-quality hand-crafted porcelain items for more than 100 years. Today, when many renowned factories rely on automation, Rudolf Kämpf preserves handcraft that guarantees superior quality of our products. Antonia Collection pays homage to factory’s age-old traditions. Antonia was the name of Rudolf Kämpf daughter and we wanted to make this collection symbolical. This elegant series reflects the splendour of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and reincarnates one of the most popular and admired collection from the beginning of the 20th century. Czech porcelain is a legend itself. But in this case the historical spirit of Austria-Hungary with its stately strictness and imperial grace lingers in the collection. Porcelain tea-set Antonia will daily exhilarate anyone who indulges in nostalgic mood or fantasize about whirling in a waltz. This porcelain ware became a hands-down best-seller.


The collection is available in three versions differently coloured and decorated. For example, you can buy white porcelain adorned with gold or platinum or ivory porcelain adorned with gold. In addition to the standard options we have created a new popular floristic design. Delicate floral ornament is a tribute of admiration to peerless nature of Karlovy Vary region, symbol of spring and renewal. Can’t traditional porcelain ware bring joy and please one’s eyes in this technogenic 21st century? Porcelain tea-set Antonia proves it can. Our dignified collection will make your modern table look like a lovely island full of traditions. Just as its predecessor once beautified tables of Austro-Hungarian nobility on ceremonial and festive occasions. Surely our porcelain items from the Antonia collection range will enhance your interior with ever fashionable sophistication and elegance.

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