About Rudolf Kämpf

Czech porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf has been producing high-quality hard-paste porcelain for more than 100 years. Hard-paste porcelain stands out for such properties as hardness, resistance to high temperatures and acids, low permeability, transparency and resonance, in contrast to bone china that many European porcelain factories have switched to. Another Rudolf Kämpf’s characteristic feature is preservation of handcraft. Today many producers rely on automation, while Rudolf Kämpf remains the only porcelain manufacturer in Czech Republic devoted to creating superior porcelain items by hand. Hence it guarantees exclusivity of its products. Rudolf Kämpf porcelain is manufactured in limited editions or one-off items. Such approach makes this porcelain items iconic.

However, porcelain manufacturer considers its eminently qualified specialists to be the most valuable asset. Each employee completes several years of training program and attestation. Thanks to the hard work of talented craftsmen Rudolf Kämpf confidently follows the path of creative experiments travelling from Romanesque style to Art Nouveau and Futurism. Products bearing Rudolf Kämpf seal are sophisticated, unusual and authentic.

Not in vain Rudolf Kämpf’s porcelain items lure important people. It makes us very proud that our clientele includes Masoud Barzani, President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of the 3rd President of the Russian Federation, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, Pierre Cardin, couturier and designer, and many others. Rudolf Kämpf sumptuous porcelain is often given to figures of high standing as a present. And indeed, unique gift vases were offered to such prominent people as Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, in 1994, Vaclav Havel, the 1st President of the Czech Republic, in 1996, Harald V, the King of Norway, in 1997, Pope John Paul II in 1998. Another hand-made vase with a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte was presented by the porcelain manufacturer himself to the Army Museum located in Paris Les Invalides.

Yet Rudolf Kämpf is not only about elite porcelain sets, vases and interior products, but also affordable porcelain items. We produce porcelain under 2 trademarks:

  • Rudolf Kämpf – exclusive premium-class hand-made porcelain
  • LEANDER – industrially produced mass-market porcelain

The Rudolf Kämpf brand is represented in Russia by exclusive distributor Art Market Group and has the representative office in Ukraine, as well as many partners all over the world.

Additional services

Another hallmark of our company is the realisation of individual projects for specific customers. Rudolf Kämpf is able to carry out complex projects, creating your unique collections and securing ownership rights for 50 or more years. Having an exclusive made-to-order porcelain collection is already stylish. However, porcelain items with a logo, monogram or family coat of arms are status symbols. That is why business and political elite, celebrities and even monarchs from around the globe turn to us.

Right after a unique porcelain item is made, its mould gets broken, and the customer receives a certificate from the Rudolf Kämpf factory that guarantees that the item will not be produced for anyone else. These rare collectibles would complement table decoration or refine an interior. Custom-designed porcelain item with the inscription and monogram can make a gorgeous gift to someone you cherish. For any questions regarding our exclusive individual porcelain items, products with logos, coat of arms or inscriptions please contact our office. We guarantee full support to each customer: our art team can work anywhere in the world and can complete the porcelain collection with cutlery, crystal and glass products.

In addition, porcelain manufacturer Rudolf Kämpf actively cooperates with leading international companies in producing unequalled hand-painted porcelain items. For example, our sets with company logos enjoy worldwide popularity.